Richard Harty

Program Coordinator

I have been working at Luke 15 since 2014.  After being on the recovery journey myself, I learned “on the job”  how to help the guys stick to the program - doing chores, following the 12 steps, dealing with daily issues in the house. I facilitate groups, coordinate appointments, and help with applications at intake.  

People who fall into addiction loose control to a disease.  No one who ends up here decides to become an addict. We find that inner person, when he was born, before the trauma of abuse, that good person who wants to live a good life. When he surrenders to the program, listens and follows it completely, it changes his life, and then everything else falls into place.  

I love Luke 15 House.  Most of the guys come from jail or youth shelter, and have never experienced a safe place, where people are having big meals together and celebrating.  L15 is my second home and a place where I continue to learn … it is a blessing to be working here because we are never about the numbers, we are here to help people, and we treat them all like valued human beings.  

I have had other types of employment, but I believe that L15 is my calling. The community here is my family.  My hope for the future is that L15 can expand in size because we do a great job here and it would be great to be able to help more people.