Our Mission

We are a safe home, inspired by God's unconditional love where respect, hope, structure, and healing are found.

Our Name

Our name comes from the 15th chapter of The Gospel of Luke, where stories are told of  the “lost” who can be “found”.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where any person struggling with addiction can access a proven program in a safe and welcoming home. We strive to expand the scale of Luke 15 House to help as many men as possible.


Core Values

Christ CentredNess

Our foundation is the teaching of Our Lord Jesus. Our hope is to bring the Love and Mercy of Christ to everyone who comes to us for help. We are nondenominational and respect and value all denominations. We focus on Jesus, not religion.


If we judge another we have no time to love them. Through compassion we extend a helping hand to others in need,  journeying with them from where they are until they find the strength to walk on their own.

Honesty & Integrity

It is through honesty that we can build healthy relationships which empower us for growth.


Human beings are valuable. It is our call to honour them by establishing healthy boundaries which protect the dignity of each individual.


All the resources we have, our gifts and our talents and skills, are providential and entrusted to us in the service of others.  It is our call to be mindful about how we use them, preserve them, and share them.

Committed Team Player

Being in one consonance with the core values and mission of our organization, we are committed to the cause and work in unison with each other to journey with our residents. We respect and accommodate each other at all times


OUr Message

Our central message of compassion and second chances inspired the creation of our beautiful logo. It combines the image of the forgiving Risen Christ and the open book of the Bible, which is the key source of material for our resident’s spiritual program.

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Our House

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We operate a house and school for 24 men, located on a residential street in Surrey, BC. We are registered and approved with four BC Provincial Government departments:  Assisted Living Registry, Ministry of Mental Health & Addictions, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, and the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction and, we gratefully comply with all of their guidelines.  We are founded on Christian beliefs and we rely on the generous support of several local churches in our community. We are aligned with the philosophy of the City of Vancouver’s Four Pillars Drug Strategy and we are governed by a diverse Board of Directors.

Our History

Luke 15 House was founded in 1992 by Allan Ammerlaan in Burnaby BC, Canada.  It all began when Allan was in prison, where he started to dream of opening a recovery house for men released from prison, to help them transition back into the community.  With the help and encouragement of Catholic priests and the sponsorship of Burnaby Christian Fellowship, Luke 15 House opened the doors of its first facility in the Edmonds area.  Many volunteers came to help, including former prison chaplain Father Gordon McKinnon, who led a weekly Bible study with the residents.

The Luke 15 House model expanded successfully during these early years to include several locations until a fire destroyed one of the homes in 2004, forcing all the residents to move to the largest of the homes in Burnaby.  Another challenge faced us in 2005 as we had to fight for our existence with the City of Burnaby. Fortunately, a financial legacy gift from Father McKinnon made it possible for Allan and the Board of Directors to purchase a new location in Surrey.

In 2008, we welcomed the addition of Nigel Vincent as our new Executive Director.  He secured the financial stability and continued mission of Luke 15 House by spearheading new fundraising initiatives and offering program leadership for the residents.

In 2010, our founder Allan Ammerlaan passed away, leaving a lifetime legacy of hope and inspiration for our ongoing vision of the future of Luke 15 House.  

Sadly, we are unable to meet the growing demands on our facility. With the growth of our city and the current state of emergency overdoses, the numbers of applicants continues to rise.  With only 24 beds, we need to move to larger home, so we can offer help to more men in desperate need.