Our Stories of Impact

“When I came to Luke 15 the discipline taught me how to care for myself and to be free from drugs and misfortune that came with it.” - Kenric

Community Leaders

“We always suggest that our clients consider Luke 15 when selecting a residential recovery program.  Nigel, Kathy and other Luke 15 staff embody a truly remarkable dedication to assisting young men struggling with addiction. Luke 15 has consistently impressed us with their compassionate and ethical approach, responsiveness, and knowledge-base. We hold Luke 15 in very high regard.”

Adi Glouberman and Guillaume Garih,  Criminal Defence Lawyers

"I have been a lawyer for well over a decade. Luke 15 has been a pillar to the community for as long as I can remember. Luke 15 has a reputation for being sensitive, but strong and consistent. I greatly respect and admire the work they do".

Alexander Wolf, Barrister & Solicitor

"As a criminal defense law firm we have a numerous occasions where Luke 15 House has been our first choice in recovery for many of our clients. We have received numerous success stories from our clients under the care of Luke 15 House and would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking freedom from alcohol and/or substance abuse".

Dan Henderson, Barrister & Solicitor

“Your recovery program and treatment facility have been the best from my point of view I know when I send someone on court order conditions to your facility they stand the best chance of succeeding in their treatment.”

W.J. Kitchner, Administrative Judge

“This letter is to confirm my association and support for Luke 15 House. I have visited their facility and clientele on a number of occasions. I have and I will continue to support Luke 15 House and wish them continued success in helping others".

Marvin Hunt , MLA

"It has been said, perhaps with some justification, that in the past I showed too little sympathy for those with a criminal past and in need of rehabilitation. Luke 15 House changed all that for me. I witnessed the good and very committed people involved with directing and managing the House. Best of all, I saw how they governed with strict rules and guidelines but camouflaged with care and love".

Bill Vanderzalm, Former Premier, The Province of  British Columbia

“God bless this Spirit-filled ministry of Luke 15 House, Nigel and the dedicated staff of this wonderful initiative inspired by God to "bring good news to the poor, healing to the broken-hearted, recovery of sight to the blind and liberation to the captives". It is a great joy for me to see you guys and your hunger for the real, abundant Life and deep desire to become disciples of Jesus Christ in his Church. May you experience, day after day, the Father's loving embrace and become "salt of the earth and light of the world".”

Father Gabriel de Chadarevian, OP Assistant-Pastor, St. Mary's, Vancouver

“ I write this in support of Luke 15 House.  The staff and volunteers provide a caring and loving environment and have spiritual and personal growth programs in place which helps them to be accountable and responsible adults.  The men, with their openness and honesty, have captured the hearts of many parishioners. We are glad to be involved in giving to them a safe place to live where there is hope as they work on getting their lives back on track. “

Rev. Gary Franken


“ I am God’s child, and he brought me here to Luke 15 to find a new life”  - Derek

“ I worked for nothing but destruction and violence before and now I want to live what this says! : blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Mt 5:9” - Jesse

“ By being here, God is changing the way I think about drugs and alcohol, and about life.”  - Blair

“ I found love here for sure.  I think if we all have love, we’ll make it through.” - Mike

“ I came to Luke 15 to lose my old life and find a new life in Jesus Christ. “  - Shane

“ I came to Luke 15 broken and lost after well over a decade in the Downtown Eastside (Hastings) , struggling with addiction and a life of crime to support that addiction.  Throughout my stay the Spirit of God allowed me to overcome my lack of self-worth. With the help of the staff, volunteers, fellow clients and an open mind, I was eventually able to take responsibility for myself and in essence “Grow up”.  I am now coming up on my 9th year clean and sober on November 4th, 2015. I work with at risk youth and give back every day of my life. Staying grateful and never forgetting where I came from allows me to remain healthy, happy, and forever a positive member of society.”  - William

“ At the age of 34 my marriage of 10 years and my business both collapsed sending me into deep depression.  For about 7 years I was running around doing crime. I finally got arrested and was put in jail. My only way out was to go to Luke 15.  I completed the four month program and went back to college and studied addiction counseling. I now work managing four specialized care youth homes. “  -  Rick

“When I came to Luke 15 House in 2005 I couldn’t stay away from drugs or jail. I was addicted to all drugs for the past 10 years. I couldn’t work, so I resorted to crime. I was hopeless. I prayed to God for help. At Luke 15 I was given a stable environment and an opportunity to change my life. Luke 15 gave me daily groups, daily AA & NA meetings, personal counselling through the probation office and all the time I needed to feel secure enough with myself to leave the house with confidence. Today I have restored my construction company, and I attended college for Drug and Alcohol Counselling. I served on the Board of Directors for Luke 15 and I now sponsor men who are struggling with addictions” . - Dan

“I came to Luke 15 House January 2006 from North Fraser PreTrial with alcohol problems, fines and no driver’s license. 5 months later… completed program…began attending college. Today I am a Resource Manager for specialized foster homes, a good father, a dependable, reliable person who helps others in their struggles. I now have a valid driver’s license and new car.” - Ric

“ I came to Luke 15 House in May 2007. Drugs, alcohol then jail. Luke 15 House gave me direction to get back on the recovery path and reconnect with God. Today my life has completely changed. Involved with NA, Luke 15 and its Board of Directors, have my kids back in my life, a good job, self respect and enjoy helping others.” - Darrin

“ Came to Luke 15 in 1992 from Detox. Learned it was possible to stay clean and sober but still relapsed. Eventually I put my life back together and have been clean and sober for the past 6 ½ years. Working for DEYAS Downtown Eastside Needle Exchange. “ - Bruce 

“ Came to Luke 15 in 2005. Struggled with addictions for 20 years, in and out of institutions. Luke 15 helped me find a new way to live. Stayed for 8 months. Today I’m back working as a Plumber/Gas Fitter. I still give back and am indebted to Luke 15. I attend regular drug and alcohol meetings and try to help the newcomers.” - Terry

“ My thoughts on Luke 15. At age 26, I was under house arrest for 9 months. I didn’t complain and just accepted that that was the way it was. Hearing others complain made it seem it was a waste of breath. I used drugs since age of 13. I celebrate 2 years clean on Feb. 18, 2009. I work very hard for a moving company in customer service. I am always positive and caring and it makes a difference. The job is physically demanding and I enjoy that. Everything is new, I’m continually learning.

When I came to Luke 15 the discipline taught me how to care for myself and wanted to be free from the ball and chain of drugs and misfortune that came with it.

God was always with me throughout my life, but in the back of my mind. At Luke 15 House I came to realize that God was closer than I had realized. God brought me to Luke 15 House because I needed to grow. I was insecure and here I was given love, compassion and caring. Together, with the staff residents and volunteers, it was one big happy family. My prayer life is great. God makes me happy when I talk about him. I learned to pray for my enemies and let go of my past. I felt the help from the first day I came here from others. After six months, it clicked in and I felt in control over the evil thoughts and fears rather than the evil having control over me. I felt free; I discovered the truth about myself and the qualities that God has given me. I am happy and I know that I make others happy. My relationship with my family is awesome now. I am grateful to God for Luke 15 House. I pray for Catherine (my house Mom) who always expressed joy, peace & love and made sense of things so I could see it in a different way, which made me open up and express myself. I pray for the guys in the house and hope that they will succeed in life with God.” - Kenric


“ I volunteer at Luke 16 because I like to do the work, I like to help out, and it’s all in god’s name that I do it.”  - Jennifer

“ I felt a calling, like God was calling me -- “ go to Luke 15!” -  Marvin

” Twenty three years ago, at the insistence of a friend, I reluctantly arrived at Luke 15 House, then on Kingsway, to attend a bible study.  It was lead by Rob, a 27 year old resident who had become so bored in jail that he picked up a Gideon Bible and was astounded by what he found in it.  He read to use several passages that had jumped out at him, and related why they had meant so much to him. This began his recovery and his spiritual life, eventually leading him to Luke 15 House on his release.  

I was awestruck to discover, as I looked around the room, that even the other residents, scarred, tattooed and (to me at the time) scary looking, listened quietly, respectfully and attentively throughout Bob’s talk.  I became suddenly aware that if Jesus were walking the Earth in our time, this is where I would find him. Additionally, I senses that presence of the Holy Spirit, an awareness that never left me in all my years of involvement with Luke 15.

As a youth I had decided that should a miracle ever take place, I would sell my possessions to travel there to experience it first hand.  At Luke 15, I was surprised to discover that MANY miracles were taking place in my backyard. No sell-off was required! Is it any wonder then that I found myself “hooked” on Luke 15 House?  Nor did the expectation of many more miracles at Luke 15 disappoint. I pray that they may long continue! “ - Joe